Neadevis, Co-Founder, CTO

Personally, for me as an owner, EQ-boost brought 3 major changes:
1. Do not expect the ideal result and behavior of employees.
2. Attempt to understand the partner’s behavior during conflicts.
3. More open and focused work with employees and R & D.
The number of tasks that I can solve in a qualitative way at the same time now has grown approximately by 2-3 times, thanks to the rejection of everything that does not matter (previously I wanted to solve it all), and more closely attend to what is important.

Daryna Syrchina
Project Manager Apriorit Inc.

from the facts – during my work I increased my salary by 1.5 times
made the PMP
changed the area of work from business analysis to the PM
and sooooo happy about it, I really like it, and I, perhaps, I would say in all modesty, it’s very good

CFO, UniCreditBank

My performance during the presentation was like a ride on the old clunker. After working with the EQ-spesialist, I had the feeling that I was on a powerful vehicle with enormous potential

Daryna Syrchina
Project Manager Apriorit Inc

I needed a coach, practice and overcoming myself through a huge “I cannot”.
Before working with Valeria, I could not even think about becoming a PM, I had a lot of complexes and “plugs” that I had no idea how to overcome.

Project Manager

Preparing with Valery for negotiations is a process that radically changes all previous experience, reveals what is really important, and gives ready-to-use instruments for 100% achievement of the desired outcome in negotiations

a developer

Thanks to Valeria, as a result of difficult negotiations, I was able to get my earned money without giving rein to emotions, and without departing from my moral principles. Valeria also helped me understand why I was in such a situation, and what I needed to do was not how I usually did it, stepping on the same rake every time. I trust Valeria 100% as a person and as a professional. I recommend working with her for all those for whom the result has the higher priority than the process.

Polina Zhilyaeva
Technical PM

I held a management position in a company whose activities were related to the introduction of digital technologies. At some point, a complicated conflict situation arose, related to the non-payment to me of the money earned in this company. The outcome of this situation for me directly depended on the outcome of my negotiations with the parties to the conflict. Therefore, I enlisted the support of a professional, Valeria Kozlova. Valeria was with me at all stages of the negotiations, promptly turning on at the right time, at any time, which the situation demanded. Her systematic approach and the talent to see the whole picture helped me achieve my goal.

Polina Zhilyaeva
Technical PM

It’s like a best friend who is not only always around, but at the same time gives professional advice

Business Developer

Daily systematic work with the app allowed me to acquire a new skill. Before starting my work with Lean EQ, the coach helped me to formulate the result that I wanted to achieve in my career in 3 months. Now after 3 weeks of work I reached about 40% of the desired result. I am full of inspiration and motivation! Now I have the feeling of confidence that I can do everything.

Project Manager

This is a tool that implements the analysis of emotions in “here and now” in real time.
This is a motivator, which more often, more clearly and carefully allows you to analyze your emotions in communications

Marina Savchuk
Neadevis, PM

The EQ-BOOST results for me as follows:
• there is a feeling of effective interaction with tops
• getting to know about “pivot points” increased the effectiveness of communication both with customers and the team
• Several verbal patterns appeared, which I began using in my communications
• My “resource” is in a more stable state than before the start of the program
• The algorithm for solving conflict situations has been developed

Neadevis, Co-Founder, CTO

EQ-BOOST for our company – this was the right start.
After EQ-BOOST, the type and level of customers has changed.
Now the company has come to promising clients and team projects.
In the last 2-3 months there were 5 good reviews from customers, about 3 recommendations for new customers.
The performance of the team, according to my estimation, has increased on a 10-point scale from 3 to 7 points.

Anna Fedorus
IT компанія Sombra – HR

Frankly, the program was very diverse, exciting, dynamic. All that is needed to keep the participants tuned in for 6 hours)
Everything was perfect. Nothing to add)

Marjana Gudz

Practice, reflection, analysis and feedback from the instructor

Kristina Gnatyuk
IT company "Logic" Director of Talent Management

The optimal mix of theory and practice, a relaxed atmosphere, Valery’s charisma

Irina Melnichuk
Limelight Networks, HR Manager

Practical algorithms are proposed and their use is visualized on the basis of role play situations. Emphasis on details and pitfalls – learn to distinguish true emotions that can be hidden by another emotion

Irina Timoschenko
Dentsu Aegis Network Ukraine, HR Director

A real demonstration of how the author works with the emotions, practical exercises to deal with the negotiations. It is super and motivates to work towards the development of the EI.

a developer

In our reality, at trainings, they often say something like “you have to teach your customer ….”, “you need to ….” and you have to insert the right substitute.
Clever words, which so clearly describe where the problems come from, and what an ideal project looks like.
Few people are able to explain in practice what exactly needs to be done.
In fact, the instruction (and a simple instruction), how to fix it, is available.

Project Manager

While they were sorting out the case of one of the participants, I personally understood what to do with 3 more of my working cases, which I thought of asking about at the end in a personal conversation. In general, it was the practical part that was especially valuable in the workshop.

a developer

We took apart a real case during the project.
Everyone recognized themselves or their colleagues in it. For example, I got a chance to sympathize with our QA engineer twice as much, having been in his shoes.
It was not for nothing that the participants did not disperse after the discussion, asking questions and listening to every word.

a developer

This is exactly the style I like: a concrete action with tangible results, no whining or mumbling or excessive reflection. I would not think that in Ukraine, and still less in Kiev, there are professionals for such a fine work with the personality, especially in IT.