How it work

  1. Hooking up the application, the client formulates, with the help of EQ-mentor, the desired result in business.
  2. The mentor identifies the missing and most necessary skill for solving the problem.
  3. Work is under way to develop this skill: sending the statuses by the client and obtaining expert comments from the mentor.
  4. The result of the skill achievement is summed up and the results manifested after applying this skill and replicating the acquired skill to other cases are evaluated.
  5. When you finish working with the application at certain levels, you get a bonus.

The duration of work with the online EQ-mentor is 2 months.

The ratio of time spent

  • Communication
  • Training
  • Support


Lean EQ is an online mentor for emotional intelligence, educational simulator for the leader.

Within 2 months, it is the opportunity to find the missing skill that interferes with the way to your result.

Striving to accelerate the achievement of results in leadership, Valeria Kozlova created a mobile application that allows you to speed up the result in practice.


Polina Zhilyaeva
Technical PM

It’s like a best friend who is not only always around, but at the same time gives professional advice

Business Developer

Daily systematic work with the app allowed me to acquire a new skill. Before starting my work with Lean EQ, the coach helped me to formulate the result that I wanted to achieve in my career in 3 months. Now after 3 weeks of work I reached about 40% of the desired result. I am full of inspiration and motivation! Now I have the feeling of confidence that I can do everything.

Project Manager

This is a tool that implements the analysis of emotions in “here and now” in real time.
This is a motivator, which more often, more clearly and carefully allows you to analyze your emotions in communications