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How it works

The author’s original training to increase the specific employee EQ competencies

Duration: 6 hours

Format of interaction with the audience: lecture, case study


Anna Fedorus
IT компанія Sombra – HR

Frankly, the program was very diverse, exciting, dynamic. All that is needed to keep the participants tuned in for 6 hours)
Everything was perfect. Nothing to add)

Marjana Gudz

Practice, reflection, analysis and feedback from the instructor

Kristina Gnatyuk
IT company "Logic" Director of Talent Management

The optimal mix of theory and practice, a relaxed atmosphere, Valery’s charisma

Irina Melnichuk
Limelight Networks, HR Manager

Practical algorithms are proposed and their use is visualized on the basis of role play situations. Emphasis on details and pitfalls – learn to distinguish true emotions that can be hidden by another emotion

Irina Timoschenko
Dentsu Aegis Network Ukraine, HR Director

A real demonstration of how the author works with the emotions, practical exercises to deal with the negotiations. It is super and motivates to work towards the development of the EI.

a developer

In our reality, at trainings, they often say something like “you have to teach your customer ….”, “you need to ….” and you have to insert the right substitute.
Clever words, which so clearly describe where the problems come from, and what an ideal project looks like.
Few people are able to explain in practice what exactly needs to be done.
In fact, the instruction (and a simple instruction), how to fix it, is available.

Project Manager

While they were sorting out the case of one of the participants, I personally understood what to do with 3 more of my working cases, which I thought of asking about at the end in a personal conversation. In general, it was the practical part that was especially valuable in the workshop.