The ratio of time spent

  • Communication
  • Training
  • Support

How it work

The team works with an EQ mentor to solve 1 specific and acute task.

  1. Duration: 4 hours
  2. Number of participants: up to 9
  3. Form of interaction: workshop (case study)


a developer

We took apart a real case during the project.
Everyone recognized themselves or their colleagues in it. For example, I got a chance to sympathize with our QA engineer twice as much, having been in his shoes.
It was not for nothing that the participants did not disperse after the discussion, asking questions and listening to every word.

a developer

This is exactly the style I like: a concrete action with tangible results, no whining or mumbling or excessive reflection. I would not think that in Ukraine, and still less in Kiev, there are professionals for such a fine work with the personality, especially in IT.