Our Packages

EQ Start

EQ Start

The team works with an EQ mentor to solve 1 specific and acute task.

EQ Study

EQ Study

The author’s original training to increase the specific employee EQ competencies

EQ Audit

Audit EQ

We are the first company that runs an audit of emotional intelligence (EQ) and emotional maturity of IT companies’ staff.

EQ Boost

The author’s original customized program for the capitalization of soft skills through the increase in the level of emotional intelligence for the company’s employees, including owners.

We can help

  • Relationship between partners (different thinking systems)

  • EQ as a system of thinking (main goal), the problem of mutual understanding: CTO-CEO

  • Prevention of the theft of employees (anti-hunting)

  • Resource management and work with burnout of employees - connect to anti-hunting

  • Fighting conflict in a team