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How it work

We are the first company that runs an audit of emotional intelligence (EQ) and emotional maturity of IT companies’ staff.
This is a quick way to get a new look at the productivity of your team members’ soft skills to see the barriers that hinder the success of your project.

In our opinion, the success of the project depends on the hard skills and emotional intelligence of the team members.

  1. The audit of the emotional intelligence and emotional maturity of your team using Valeriya Kozlova’s copyright technology consists of 3 parts:
    1.   Evaluation of emotional intelligence as a system of thinking.
    2.   Assessment of emotional maturity (The Standish Group, 2013. Translated and adapted by Valeria Kozlova).
    3.   BUSINESS GAME. Empirical research at the request of the team. Usually based on the current problem in the project.
  2. The number of people in one group is up to 30 people.
  3. The audit results are provided within 2-4 weeks.
  4. 60 questions in 40-60 minutes.