How it work

  1. Duration: depends on the tasks that the owner faces in their business
  2. Format of interaction:
    1. The process of the mentor’s work to find a solution to the owner’s situation and obtain a result never stops from their first meetup.
    2. Channels of interaction:
  • Self-guided work (in the form of e-mail correspondence)
  •  Access to work with Lean-EQ, a specially developed mobile app
  • Personal meetings (Skype meetings)
  • “15 golden minutes”: possibility to call the mentor before / during / after negotiations
  • Real-time correspondence (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype)

The ratio of time spent

  • Communication
  • Training
  • Support


When business reaches a new level, owners and top managers feel the need for intensive transformation of themselves and their team.

Changes cause stress, burnout and the need for additional mental resource.

The strategic partner provides additional opportunities, optimizing behavioral and linguistic models for owners and tops by connecting emotional intelligence.

Neadevis, Co-Founder, CTO

Personally, for me as an owner, EQ-boost brought 3 major changes:
1. Do not expect the ideal result and behavior of employees.
2. Attempt to understand the partner’s behavior during conflicts.
3. More open and focused work with employees and R & D.
The number of tasks that I can solve in a qualitative way at the same time now has grown approximately by 2-3 times, thanks to the rejection of everything that does not matter (previously I wanted to solve it all), and more closely attend to what is important.

Daryna Syrchina
Project Manager Apriorit Inc.

from the facts – during my work I increased my salary by 1.5 times
made the PMP
changed the area of work from business analysis to the PM
and sooooo happy about it, I really like it, and I, perhaps, I would say in all modesty, it’s very good

CFO, UniCreditBank

My performance during the presentation was like a ride on the old clunker. After working with the EQ-spesialist, I had the feeling that I was on a powerful vehicle with enormous potential